Wollongong is the metropolitan capital and largest city of this region, with a population of almost 300,000. Its proximity to Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, makes Wollongong ideal for businesses to thrive and find customers. Wollongong’s enterprises are dominated by heavy industries like coal mining, steel production, locomotive manufacturing, etc. The infrastructure required for these industries has also promoted businesses like construction and real estate in the area. The Illawarra region, of which Wollongong is a part, is fringed with beaches and the cliff line of Illawarra escarpment, which is full of large rain forests. It is well-connected to Sydney through railway and roads. The place is a mix of multicultural ambience that is conducive to the development of commerce.

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Improving the search engine ranking, or SEO of their website is important for all existing and potential businesses of Wollongong. Good blogging will significantly help them in it. Listed below are the ways in which blogging can help in the ranking of their websites.

1.   By giving good backlinks to the website

Having a content-rich website is a must for all Wollongong businesses, but that alone will not ensure a good ranking for a site. Search engine algorithms will check the number of quality inbound links coming to the site from other places. Some of these could be from businesses selling related products or social media posts. However, a site can get backlinks from good blogs also.

2.   By increasing traffic to the website

If the popularity of the blog posts that are linked to the site is high, that will help in increasing the traffic to the site. Of course, to attract a backlink from a good blog post, the website’s contents should be informative enough to become a reference point.

3.   By increasing the visibility of the site

A blog that contains the right keywords and the right keyword density will rank high in search engine results. If your site is linked to that blog, the visibility of the site would definitely increase because most of those who read the blog are likely to end up at the website by clicking the link in the blog.

4.   By not having to be product-specific

Unlike the content of a website, a blog need not always precisely define the offered product or service. A blog can be written on a related issue that could be more interesting. For example, a website promoting toys can have a blog that talks about parenting tips. Then, at the end of the story, the reader can be guided to the website to buy ‘similar toys’.

5.   By having no restrictions on the number of blogs

Businesses can post any number of blogs catering to the needs of the different types of target customers and send backlinks from them to other web pages. It is not possible to have that type of freedom in fashioning the contents of the website.

6.   By having no restrictions on the size or contents of the blog

Unlike a web page, a blog can incorporate explanatory videos, jokes, or images that can attract people of differing interests. This tactic can grab the attention of a diverse audience to the blog, and they can be guided to your website through the link.

7.   By positioning the company as the industry leader

A cleverly written blog can easily portray your product/service as the best among your competitors. Even if such a blog is not linked to your website, the customer may come searching for it using the company’s name, address, or phone number given at the site.

8.   By blogging on Wollongong

Wollongong, with its many tourist attractions, is a highly suitable subject for a blogger. Through writing on its interesting aspects, potential customers can be guided to its various businesses.

Final Words

Remember that blogging helps position your business website as an authority figure who answers all your customers’ queries. By utilizing these SEO tricks, your blog can help you rank high on search results for Wollongong and be appealing to visitors.