What does a level 2 electrician do? A level 2 electrician, also known as an electrician teaks in above the basic trades, such as fusing and grounded wiring, along with some of the more complex jobs like circuit breakers. Electricians work under the authority of a licensed electrician or licensed conductor. That being said, electricians cannot perform all work by themselves so there needs to be someone with the proper qualifications and certifications to do the job. It is also their responsibility to ensure that all work performed is up to code.

Basically, an electrician works with three different types of wiring systems: fuses, circuit breakers, and electrical motors. All of these wires are involved in some way with electrical motors, with one exception: Fuses are usually used as an “on” switch, meaning that they turn on when a fuse is shorted out. The term circuit breaker is what we use to describe the electrical motors in electrical systems. Electrical motors control the movement of current, which is commonly used to power machines and equipment.

Differences Between a Level 2 and a Level 1 Electrician

How do electrical engineers get a level of education? Most states require that electricians have either a diploma or a degree in a related field, and most states require that electricians pass the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) examination. This is the same testing that federal agencies like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) use to make sure that electricians have the knowledge required to do the job properly. If you work in construction and are interested in becoming an electrician, then you should consider taking the ACCE.

What does a level 2 electrician do? Essentially, he or she completes the basic first two years of training, gets his or her state license, and begins working as an apprentice under an experienced electrician. After about three years of apprenticeship and three years of practical experience under the supervision of a senior electrician, a bachelor’s degree will be obtained. At this point, the electrician may choose to go on and earn a master’s degree. While this may take longer than the typical four year degree program, it will enable the electrician to continue to perform all of the duties required of him or her in his role as an apprentice and as a licensed professional.

What does a level 2 electrician do for commercial businesses? Electricians install and maintain the wiring in businesses, like computer manufacturers, restaurant owners, and construction companies. It can be difficult for the owner of such a business to be sure that their electrical system will continue to operate correctly. Therefore, electricians are often called on to perform inspections of wiring and to repair any damage that may have occurred.

What does a level 2 electrician do for homeowners? As a homeowner you may not need to worry about hiring electricians on a daily basis. However, if you own a small business or are a landlord, you may want to make sure your electrical system is functioning properly so that you can keep your property safe. Therefore, you should consult with an electrician before making any changes to your wiring or your property.